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"A luxurious postpartum retreat center, the first of its kind on the West Coast, is coming to San Francisco this summer.

Dubbed the “Village Postnatal Retreat Center,” the space will take over an entire floor of San Francisco’s upscale Fairmont Hotel atop Nob Hill. It aims to be a place where mothers can take a few days after birth to unwind from the experience, get pampered, receive support from lactation experts, take newborn care classes and more...."

"This luxury ‘postpartum retreat’ will pamper new moms in S.F. Here’s how it works"

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- Miriam and Nick
First Time Parents

"This retreat was awesome! It was so helpful to have some extra sleep and know my baby was well taken care of. Everyone was so warm and helpful to us when my husband and I were basically zombies, learning to be new parents. I highly recommend this service to any and all who are able to use it." 

- Anne and Jacob
First Time Parents

Our stay here was amazing! We came with our five week old daughter. Our room had an amazing view of the city & all the luxury you'd expect from the Fairmont. The staff were incredible and so knowledgeable. 5 weeks out was the perfect time for a visit in my opinion. We had experienced enough of parenthood to know what we didn't know, so could ask all of our follow up questions. And after five weeks of caring for a newborn, it was amazing to have rest & rejuvenation. My husband and I had our little girl stay with the kind doulas in the nursery several times during our stay so we could grab a drink together at the Fairmont bar, have some down time, or just enjoy having someone else change diapers :) We even met some other families and got to bond over the experience.
Definitely recommending this to all my pregnant friends!

- Sara S.

"Every interaction, Jen was calm, nonjudgmental, empathetic, caring, and incredibly generous and honest in sharing her knowledge, and educating me on what to expect and potential risks. I always had a thousand questions for her, and she answered them patiently and thoroughly. I trusted her fully, which is saying a lot for me! With her in my corner, I felt a sense of strength, reassurance, flexibility, and preparation."

- Kate and Parker
Second Time Parents 

"I stayed at the Village Postnatal Retreat Center after I had my second baby. It was nice to be able to relax and bond with my new baby without all the distractions of being at home. The staff took such good care of us while I recovered and got some much needed rest. They even washed and sanitized all my bottles and pump equipment for me. I didn't have to lift a finger and could just focus on bonding with the baby. I am definitely coming back when I have baby #3!!"

- Alice and Matt
First Time Parents

"Such an amazing stay after a difficult birth and challenging first couple of weeks! It was great to just relax and enjoy the amenities at the Fairmont while knowing my baby was well taken care of."

- Pam and Ryan
First Time Parents

“My husband and I are so grateful that the universe led us to work with Jen. From the very beginning to the absolute end, she was 100% responsive, involved, and supportive. She exudes a warmth, humbleness, and professionalism”

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