Every family will be assigned a New Parent Concierge to ensure they have a wonderful postnatal experience. 

Our New Parent Concierge will help you create the perfect Postpartum Plan!

Wanting to plan your stay?

 Our New Parent Concierge will be in contact with you to discuss your postnatal needs and help you prepare your postpartum plan!

  1. Schedule a tour to see the Center and meet the staff. 
  2. Secure your spot with a deposit
  3. Keep our team in the loop 
  4.  Since we do not always know when your baby will arrive, we will wait for you to contact us to let us know when you would like to begin your stay.

When you show up at Village Postnatal Retreat Center, you will check into your cozy room customized to support you in your recovery period.  After you are settled in, we will check in with you and start to create a relaxing postnatal recovery plan. Spa treatments such as Postnatal Massage, Facials and Foot baths can be set up in your room when you are ready.

Whether you are planning on breastfeeding, formula feeding or a combo of both, we have a team to help you navigate feeding your newborn. We also will make sure your support person and baby have everything they need for a restful and restorative visit! Partners are able to also get plenty of hands on education and therapeutic massages during the stay. 

When you are ready to check out of the Retreat Center, we will sit down with you and make sure you have everything you need to continue into a positive postpartum period. If you need additional in-home support, we will help curate an ongoing postnatal plan with home visits from our trusted team of providers. You may also access online Breastfeeding and Pelvic Floor virtual clinics that are offered through Golden Gate Doulas. 

Stay in touch! We also love to hear from you and get updates on how your new family’s doing.

The Village takes postnatal care to an entirely new level. We strive to improve maternal health and the postpartum period by providing personalized concierge-style care through our Retreat Center, similar to services currently being offered throughout many other countries with better maternal outcomes. 

Our center is located in San Francisco's Japan Town where we have studio and
1-bedroom suites customized to support people who recently gave birth and their newborn babies. Families can rest, recuperate, and ease into parenthood with our trained staff who look after both them and their baby. Meals, therapeutic services, and lactation consultants will be available on the premises. 

Our mission is to provide an exceptional postnatal experience and empower new parents.

We are honored to be a part of your village.

  • 24/7 Postnatal Care Specialist and Postpartum Doulas
  • On-site nursery, so you can rest and recover
  • Compostable diapers and wipes stocked in your room
  • A welcome basket and Bubbly upon arrival (non-alcohol choice available)
  • Postpartum teas, coffee, and snacks provided in your room
  • Wellness checks with trained staff to make sure your recovery is on track
  • On-site lactation consultants and use of lactation pillows, if you choose to breastfeed
  • On-site business center and lounge
  • On-site Self Service Laundry Room
  • Choice to add on custom massages, footbaths, and facials
  • On-site New Parent Lounge for Parent Groups, classes and socializing
  • Newborn Care and Safety classes (Baby Wearing and CPR)

What is included?

(3 night minimum)

1 Bedroom Suite $1090 / Night
Studio Suite $890 / Night

About Your Stay

  • Includes one 60 minute massage in our on-site spa room
  • Includes one 60 minute facial in our on-site spa room
The Village Postnatal Retreat Center has partnered up with a National Baby Registry program. You can have your friends and family contribute to your stay at the Village and 100% of the funds go into your account! Start your registry NOW!

Therapeutic Massage ($225.⁰⁰)

Customized Postnatal Facial ($200.⁰⁰)

  • We include Customized Postpartum Prefix Meal Plan* for the Birthing Parent
  • You may order 1 additional Guest Prefix Meal Plan for $100/day
  • We can help arrange catering for specialized postpartum meals (ex. Traditional Chinese Postpartum Meals)
  • You are welcome to bring your own meals or have food delivered to the hotel

 *Prefix Meals are healthy meals prepared served in your room. The $100 fee includes all taxes, fees and gratuity. 

Meal Options

per night!


Stay with us, and get all of this and more starting at only


per day

$2,130 - $3,100

All of this together would cost around

per facial

per day



Postpartum facial

Postpartum Meals Delivered 3 times a day

per session


Herbal Foot Bath with Compression Boots

per massage


Postpartum massage

per night


Overnight stay in a boutique hotel

How much would all this cost if you did NOT use The Village Postnatal Retreat Center?

You might be wondering...

per class

$150 - $300

Baby Safety & Newborn Care classes

per visit


Board-Certified Lactation Consultant visit

per day


24/hour postpartum support

per hour


Postpartum doula support

Got some questions?