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When should you reach out to reserve your spot? NOW! As you get closer to your baby’s due date you will be surprised at all the last minute things you will need to do. Go ahead and secure your spot for your postpartum stay and it will be one less thing to think about in those final days of the pregnancy. 

Our New Parent Concierge will be in touch to discuss your options for your stay and be there to answer any follow up questions before, during and after your stay. 

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We take safety and security very seriously. All babies must be checked out of the nursery if they leave the floor with a parent. Only parents and staff are allowed in the Nursery. We have security cameras on the floor and each baby has their own personal baby cam in the baby lounge. All babies have wrist bands that match them to their parents. 


Absolutely! You can have one other adult support person stay with you while you are at the Retreat Center. We also have some people who choose to stay with just their baby. Your guest will be able to order food from our meal plan, room service or any food delivery service.  We highly recommend that your support person considers booking a massage or facial to help relax and feel pampered as well. 


We will provide you with a list of items to bring with you during your stay. Some of those items include: Nursing Bra/Pumping Bra, your breast pump so we can teach you how to use it properly and make sure you have it fitted to your breast size, sanitary pads, comfy pajamas and anything else you would normally pack to stay at a hotel. 


Our goal is to provide you with 24/7 support and jump-start your postpartum period... We have a 3 night minimum but most people are booking 6-8 nights.  We want to be able to support and educate you during your stay and feel that having a couple extra days helps to pace the teachings so you do not feel rushed. 


Some of the cost could be reimbursed from your insurance company and that will vary depending on your insurance plan. We will offer detailed super bills and connect you with an insurance specialist to help you navigate the billing process. Also, many Bay Area companies offer coverage with their employee benefit programs and we can help you determine if your company offers that to you or your partner!


$890-$1090 per night. The cost to stay in the Retreat Center is less than what you would pay if you added up all the services provided during your stay.
A postpartum Night Doula would cost between $55-$65 an hour ($660-$780 for a 12 hour shift and we give you 24 hour/day support). If you add Lactation Visits at $250-$350, 3 healthy meals prepared and delivered to your room would cost more than $100 a day, and an in-home massage… Well, you get the picture! All of that would cost much more than a night at the Retreat Center! 


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We understand that you may have additional people who want to come see you and your baby. We have established visiting hours to reduce foot traffic on our floor. For the safety of our guests and babies, visitors are not allowed in the Baby or New Parent Lounge. Masks must be worn in the hallways to reduce exposure to illness and we ask that people stay home if they are not feeling well or have any symptoms of illness. You may entertain your guests in your postpartum suite, outdoor terrace or lower level lobby.