Meet Our Guest Rosa And Hear All About Her Stay

May 8, 2024

Rosa had an unforgettable experience at the Village Postnatal Retreat Center during her stay last winter! Her family gifted them an eight – day long stay for her and her husband, believing it would be the perfect way to support the new family. With Rosa’s parents living in Central America, she needed a place to […]


Postpartum Care: Navigating the New Normal

April 21, 2024

Postpartum care is vital for both mothers and infants, aiding in recovery and ensuring well-being. It offers support and guidance as mothers adjust to a new routine and care for their newborns. Additionally, it helps monitor infant health, identifies potential issues early on, and fosters a strong bond between mother and baby, contributing significantly to their physical and emotional well-being.


The Importance of Professional Postpartum Doula Care

April 1, 2024

Professional postpartum doula care is crucial for the well-being of newborn. Doulas provide support in understanding and meeting infants’ needs. This support fosters a nurturing environment conducive to the baby’s growth and development, including establishing feeding routines, soothing techniques, and safe sleep practices.


Why an Infant Care Class is Essential for First-Time Parents

March 18, 2024

In infant care classes, first-time parents learn essential skills such as bathing, diaper changing, and feeding techniques. The classes also cover crucial topics such as recognizing signs of illness, safe sleep practices, and infant CPR. Moreover, parents gain valuable knowledge about developmental milestones, creating a safe environment for the baby, and establishing healthy routines. These classes provide practical guidance to help new parents feel confident and prepared to care for their newborn.


Childbirth Recovery: Understanding the Benefits of Postnatal Retreat Services

March 12, 2024

Postnatal retreat services can provide much-needed support and care for new parents during their recovery journey after childbirth. These services offer a safe space for parents to rest, rejuvenate, and receive guidance on postpartum care. Benefits include personalized care, emotional support, nourishing meals, and practical assistance in caring for the newborn. Postnatal retreats allow parents to focus on their well-being and bonding with their baby, promoting a smoother transition into parenthood.